Rating System

This is by no means science and is the definition of an imperfect system but here goes:

At our last book club meeting, Gia and I talked about how we rate books and what causes us to add stars or remove them.  Sometimes it’s in the writing itself like plot holes or characters that seem pointless but won’t go away.  Other times we read a book and it reminds us of a time that was particularly good or one that was very bad.  We also believe that some books that are not destined to be classics still deserve five stars simply because we loved it, devoured it, and pretended to be in it while daydreaming during our day job (you do it too, we know you do).

So when we rate a book we promise to let you know if our bias is based more in the personal realm for us or in the actual mechanics of the book itself.  Recommending books is a lot like trying to bring two of your friends from different friend groups together and hoping that it’ll just magically work out.  I mean, they both love you, what could go wrong?

Our system is as follows:

5 stars- we are smitten, we are telling everyone to read this book because it has somehow brought us such joy that we cannot help but to share it.  Heck, we may even go out and BUY it or check it out AGAIN because it’s true love.

4 stars- the book is great, we loved it and were so happy that we read it.  Did it change our lives?  Probably not.  All the same we would absolutely recommend it.

3 stars- it was okay!  Nothing wrong with okay.  You know the type of book that usually falls here.  It’s gimmicky and trope-y but it was enjoyable and we flew through it but probably will forget about it in about a half an hour.  When we see it again in the library, we will smile and then go “wait, I did read that one right?”

2 stars- not only are we not recommending it, we are probably wishing we had just passed on it and not wasted precious reading time here.

1 star- no, just no.  There will probably be some corresponding rant to go along with whatever review happens as a result of a one star book.

Here’s hoping for a lot of 3 star or more books!