My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella

This was definitely a pretty fun book. The first quarter of the book felt really relatable – the twenty-something small town girl trying to make it in the big city. Katie/Cat lands a paying job as an admin at a great branding company where she works hard to prove herself and dreams of climbing the ladder. She spins a wonderful tale on her Instagram feed showing how wonderful her new life in, but in reality she faces what most twenty-somethings face – a crappy job (even if it’s at a good company), a crappy apartment with crappy roommates, a crazy boss, and scraping together just enough cash to get by.

Katie eventually gets laid off from her job, which takes her (as well as the reader) by complete surprise. The timing is good, though, because her dad and stepmom are starting up a glamping business on their family farm and they desperately need Katie’s help. This is where we truly see how innovative and smart Katie is. She essentially starts up the business by herself and it becomes a huge success.

The story becomes pretty silly when Katie’s old boss, Demeter, shows up with her family for a glamping trip. (Did I mention Katie told her dad and stepmom she was on a sabbatical from work?) There is a lot that happens in the second half of the book and it’s fairly silly and unrealistic, so I’m not going to even summarize. Overall, the book is pretty good and held my interest. It’s a little mindless and would make a great vacation read.


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