Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

“You think you know how it ends?  You have no idea.”

That premise alone is what sold me on this one as my Book of the Month Club pick for February.  While I am not sorry I chose it, this book is one of those where you either love it or love to hate on it.

The plot centers on married couple Adele and David as their marriage crumbles around them.  David has taken up with a new woman Louise and she becomes both David’s mistress as well as Adele’s best (and only friend).  Neither of them knows this though.  Per the reviews you’ll find online, the book pulls the trump card early and you find out rather quickly that nothing is what it seems.

Now as for that ending… I vacillated between “what?” and “what the hell?” The thing is, I rarely read thrillers so I was still fairly content with the book overall because it was such a change of pace for me.  The ending requires you to suspend quite a bit of disbelief and buy into a premise that is faulty at best.  I will say that this is more in the vein of the kind of ending I thought “The Girl on a Train” was going to have and I am glad that I was wrong there.  This kind of ending would have felt supremely cheap if it had occurred in that novel.

If you’re a diehard thriller reader, this may not be the one for you as you may feel that the narrative choices pulled the rug out too early.  If you’re someone like me who just dabbles in thrillers, I say check this one out and enjoy the ride!


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