The Trespasser by Tana French

Holy murder mystery!  This book was a huge change of pace for me and I would describe this book as dense.  You are thrown deep into the setting and characters from the get go and while the book moves at a good pace, it is certainly happy to let things unfold.

Our story centers on Antoinette Conway, a newer member of the Dublin Murder Squad.  She is by far one of the greatest female characters I have ever been acquainted with.  She’s smart and cunning and she does not give a crap who likes her or pleasing others.  In a world full of female characters who dream of love and marriage, it is fantastic to read a story about a woman who is good at her job, proud of her life, and doesn’t need people telling her what she should value.   Along with her partner, Stephen Moran, they are called to investigate the murder of Aislinn Murray.

This book is old fashioned class A story telling.  No crazy tricks or twists to throw you off or to try and follow.  You spend the book inside Antoinette’s head as she works this case.  It felt so amazing to look at a murder through the perspective of the detective and all the angles that exist.  Which ones are to be trusted and which ones are figments of fairy tales?  Just because something plays out, doesn’t make it possible or even plausible.

This was my first foray into Tana French’s writing and I’m totally hooked.  Ready to go back for more!


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