Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty

I saw this one in the “Fresh Picks” at my library and couldn’t resist after reading and loving “Big Little Lies” last year (planning to binge watch the miniseries soon).  Moriarty definitely has a style and she loves to play the long con– that is, she builds up around one singular event of tragic nature and then sort of teases you with it until about 3/4 through and then fallout ensues.  This book is set up that fashion and centers around three couples: Clementine and Sam, Erika and Oliver, and Vid and Tiffany.  Clementine and Erika have been friends since they were children and are now grown ups trying to navigate all that comes with it.  Erika, and Oliver by extension, were my stand out favorites.  Erika is a bit neurotic and loves order but what I love about her is that she is just straight forward.  She doesn’t play by the rules, she isn’t worried about being likeable, she just says what she means and keeps emotion out of it.  The book builds up to The Day of the BBQ which is talked about constantly until the final moment when we find out what actually happened at said BBQ.

I won’t spoil the “twist”, except to say it wasn’t a twist or really that major of a plot point and it really just felt like background noise to try and reason out why all these couples are the way they are.  Clementine was all sorts of unlikeable to me, I wanted so badly to get her and understand her but really I thought she was selfish and childish.  Despite the BBQ not being some off the wall major moment, I was totally sucked in to the dynamic and seeing what made each of these people tick and how they viewed everything that happened.  This book would be a perfect rainy day read or beach read if you want something frothy and that keeps pace and interest.


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