February Roundup


Difficult Women- I still stand by that if you read one book this year, this is the one to read.

The Wangs Vs. The World– 4 stars and a MUST read!  So fun and I loved the perspectives throughout each chapter.

You Will Know Me– 5 stars and again MUST READ.  Love a good twisty psychological thriller.

Girls in the Moon– 4 stars.  I think this is a take or leave it situation.  The book was really good but it is YA so if that’s not your speed then this would be skippable.

Carve the Mark and Holding Up the UniverseI know my reviews would lead you to believe that they are skip worthy but I don’t know that is totally true.  I would suggest you read Holding Up the Universe if you’re looking for a quick YA read

Truly Madly Guilty- this was not my favorite Moriarty (that would be Big Little Lies) but if you are looking for something to hold your attention that moves quick, pick this up. This would be a great beach read.


Idaho – 4 stars. A quiet read about love, family, memories and forgiveness. I truly enjoyed this one but it’s a slow read. If you’re insterested in the story, make sure you read it when you’re really in the mood for it!

Caraval – 1 star. This one has been getting some mixed reviews, but I’m still in the smaller camp on my rating. For me, there wasn’t enough excitement of character development. I was left feeling unattached to the characters and wishing the story was written in the perspective of the other sister. 

Love & Gelato – 2 stars. Definitely a cute YA read, but there was some unnecessary drama and an twist the author didn’t feel like commiting to. Athough I really love YA, I think this one is good for a young audience (12-16). Everyone else should skip this and read Anna and the French Kiss instead.

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry –  4 stars. I really enjoyed this one! It’s definitely slow and quirky in the beginning but things begin to make sense about halfway and the ending is so touching. I’ll admit I almost took a break from this one after 100 pages or so but I’m really glad I didn’t. Not a book you can rush through, but a great read anyways.


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