You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott

Whew. I was not prepared for this book!

This is my first Megan Abbott and I plan to go back for more after this one. The book is billed as a mystery thriller revolving around the world of elite gymnastics. The thing I loved more than anything is that the perspective is through the mom’s eyes which both gave us incredible insight into how she handles all the various issues going on but also totally obscures what is happening with her daughter Devon.

One of the running themes is that no matter what you think you know about a person, you really never can truly know who they are. While there is a mysterious death that occurs and most of the action happens around this murder, the “who” of the murder didn’t feel as important to me. The book really hinged on the idea that memory is faulty and perspective changes all manner of opinion. The book has this incredible sense of dread and foreboding throughout and the slow unwind of discovering what goes on in plain sight was impactful. Once I got started, I felt like I had to push to the end just to see all these little details come to light.

The book has this amazing noir feel to it and as a former competitive dancer, I could really see the dynamic set up by the stage parents and it felt genuine and real to me.


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