The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan

Here’s the thing… sometimes you need a palate cleanser.  A book that is sweet and simple.  It has nice characters who are generally good people.  The complications are really not all that complicated and they wrap up nicely.  If you’re looking for that, this is the book for you.  Nina is a sweet and kind (if not introverted to a fault) young woman in her late twenties.  She loses her job and through a series of lovely events buys a van, moves to Scotland and sets up a mobile bookstore.  Adorable things abound.  She endears herself to the community and love finds her.  There’s sort of a lesson in there about not taking books so seriously and wanting real life to look like a romance novel via her no nonsense, realist friend Surinder.  But really though, this book is probably one that would be made into a romcom starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey with a soundtrack by a twenty something girl with an acoustic guitar who is up and coming at the moment.  The book is rounded out by several hard on the surface but soft underneath characters and several minor story tangents that are sort of touched on and then resolved nicely.

That being said, the book is a good one.  Well written, moves at a quick pace.  It’s charming and you like the characters enough because it feels like a nice “woman follows her dream and finds herself” story.  I’d recommend picking it up if you need a nice little pick me up in between books with heavier subjects or if you’re in a bit of a dry spell.  It’s a nice book to ease back in with.




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