Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

I love to punctuate a lot of fiction reading with some nonfiction and I generally like to pick books about women who I know very little about or have some kind of vested interest in (so really, I pick books about women).  I picked up “Love Warrior” after listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast Magic Lessons in which she was interviewing Melton about the book and her thoughts on love, bravery and creativity.  I had heard of Melton before as she runs the extremely popular mommy blogger site Momastery and she has been everywhere lately it seems (and hanging with her new friend Oprah.).

The book is a memoir where Melton gives a no holds barred true look at her life as a recovering addict (alcoholism and food) and she also suffered from bulimia from the time she was 10 years old.  The real heart of the book is centered on the discovery that her husband had several extra marital affairs as well as an addiction to pornography and her corresponding journey to decide where she goes from there.  I have never personally suffered from addictions issues but I am a therapist by day so I thought this level of intimacy on the subject was really fascinating to me.  Melton does not spare herself in anyway, she tells the brutal truth regarding her thoughts and actions which was refreshing in a world where we set up our social media selves to look perfect and pretty at all times.

The last 1-2 chapters is where Melton had me drawn in when she speaks about her thoughts on religion and finding a church home that believes in truly loving and welcoming all people.  Her thoughts on being a woman in this society and raising children were also insightful, poignant and spoke to me personally.

The book is a quick read, I wouldn’t say it’s like a walk in the park because the subject matter is very sad but it does give lots of hopeful tones and it’s about real life which is an interesting change of pace in a book world steeped with instalove and meet-cutes.


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