The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

This was a tough book for me to rate. On one hand, I enjoyed the dysfunctionality of the siblings and their families. On the other hand, I didn’t particularly like any of the characters…

The Nest is about four siblings (Melody, Bea, Jack and Leo) who look forward to their inheritance for much of their adult lives as a way to undo all of the financial damage they’ve done over the years. The financial damage is due, in large part, to their reliance on ‘the nest’ which was set up by their father as something to enjoy rather than something to rely on. The inheritance is tapped into to help pay off a girl that loses a foot after being in a car accident with Leo. The other siblings are rightfully upset by this, as most of the inheritance is spend on Leo’s mistake, and they all rally against Leo and demand to be paid back immediately.

Overall, the story is interested and the story-telling is intriguing, but I felt that there were too many characters and subplots. Does it all come together in the end? Yes. Everything has a point, sure, but the subplots should have been tied together in a less confusing order. Throughout the story, I just didn’t like the characters. Some were great – I liked Walker, Walt, Louisa and Nora (interesting that I hated the siblings, but liked the spouses/children?). Actually, I would have loved the entire book to have been about Walt, Melody and their twins being the main focus.

With all of that being said, I did still enjoy the book overall and would recommend it to someone looking for general fiction, dysfunction, and family drama. If the author comes out with another novel, I might not buy it but I’ll definitely grab it from my library.


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