The Girl on the Train – WARNING: SPOILERS

[Since this is a review with spoilers, I am writing the review with the assumption that you either read the book or saw the movie.]

The book was fantastic. The movie was also pretty great if you read the book, but ultra-confusing if you didn’t. And this, friends, is why you should ALWAYS READ THE BOOK! Friends of mine that only saw the movie were confused and annoyed and immediately decided that the book would probably suck, too.

Here’s the deal: In the book, Rachel stumbles off the train one night and runs into her ex-husband, Tom. She believes that Anna, Tom’s new wife, is in his car with him. The next morning, Megan (who lives down the street from Tom and Anna) is reported as missing. Rachel also wakes up with blood all over her and desperately tries to recall what happened.

This becomes insanely confusing in the movie because Anna and Megan look so much alike. But that’s also the point. Rachel was so drunk on the night Megan went missing, the night she saw Tom and Anna, that she becomes confused on who Tom was actually with. Was it Anna? Megan? Did she even see Tom with anyone? The audience becomes equally confused. Even having read the book, I was slightly confused and had to think about whether I drank before coming to the theater. Seriously, those actresses looked so much alike.

The Girl on the Train is a fantastic psychological thriller – intriguing, fascinating and fast-paced. I definitely suggest the book. I enjoyed the movie and I actually liked being a little confused – it made me feel a little bit like I was in Rachel’s head. What did you think of the book-movie adaptation?


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