Bunheads by Sophie Flack

There is something extremely mesmerizing about the dance world. It’s possible that I think this because I used to dance, but I doubt that’s it. This book and its Center Stage feels had me transfixed from the very beginning and I probably could have easily read this in one sitting if time allowed. The author is so very detailed when it comes to the dancing, performing, prepping. Right before reading this, I learned that Sophie Flack was actually part of the New York City Ballet and you can tell when reading this. This book is not a guess at what ballet life is like; it’s a first-person account of what it really is.

Hannah is a corps dancer in the Manhattan Ballet, working hard to become promoted to soloist. Hannah’s entire life revolves around ballet, and at 19-years-old, she begins to struggle with the idea of having a life outside of ballet and works to achieve some sort of balance. Ultimately, any life outside the Manhattan Ballet may hurt her chances of receiving a promotion, and a dancer’s life is only so long. Hannah struggles throughout the entire book, and is torn back and forth many times.

I absolutely loved the ending – it was so perfect.


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